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Twitter Boosts Rank

A 140 character Tweet appears to be insignificant material to increase your SEO rank but you can do it by combining tweets and embedded TinyURLs to create a Semantic SEO signature that  attracts search engine spiders like red capes attract bulls.  Here is how you can attract search engine spiders with Twitter to rank higher.

Twitter Software Tools

We use Twitter for competitive analysis and to help our current and future customers understand how to use our products and learn the skills and techniques that will serve them well as they employ our SpeedSynch internet marketing software to build Semantic SEO report maps to build higher quality backlinks, links and blog posts.

Competitive Analysis and Semantic Maps

When I started using Twitter I would find a Twitter feed and watch it for days to infer changing content and the pattern of posts.  Then one day I decided to use our SpeedSynch internet marketing software to analyze Tweets and as they say, the rest is history. 

This is the Semantic SEO report map of the SpeedSynch.com and below the Twitter feed–click twice or use the zoom feature on your browser to view the Semantic SEO report maps below–

SpeedSynch.com Twitter Semantic SEO report map created by SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Software for higher rank, best link and blog quality

Twitter Software Tools are critical to creating Semantic SEO report maps to attract search engine spiders.

Semantic SEO Report Maps and Customer Value

Note that the Semantic SEO report map of the SpeedSynch Twitter feed highlights keyword concepts or themes that take our customer perspectives and describe the value derived from buying the Twitter software tool rather that the product features used to describe the internet marketing software. 

Competitive analysis of Twitter Feeds

Using Keyword themes to build higher quality blog posts and tags for links and backlinks

Semantic SEO report map of the SpeedSynch.com Twitter feed

SpeedSynch Twitter Semantic SEO report map.

Link to Old School SEO

While we use semantic SEO report maps to increase the value created by Twitter, it is easy to connect traditional keyword phrase analysis created by tools like Google AdWords or Market Samurai by using the SpeedSynch ‘Signature’ hierarchy.  SEO professionals will see hierarchies correspond to keyword silo’s and can analyze the keyword themes suggested by SpeedSynch the same way. 

We will focus building high quality content, links and backlinks for the top 2 SpeedSynch Twitter terms and linked hierarchies;

  • SEMANTIC-BLOG > Semantic Web >> Marketing
  • SEMANTIC-BLOG > Backlinks >> Transmedia


  • SOCIAL MEDIA > SpeedSynch >> Internet Marketing
  • SOCIAL MEDIA > Neuropersona >> Rank

While we can go further down the top keyword silo the Semantic keyword themes above reinforce our existing domain names — SpeedSynch.com, Neuropersona.com and TransMediaSEO.com — and the themes that describe the value of our services — “SpeedSynch Internet Marketing software used to build Semantic SEO report maps to boost web search engine rank”.

* We assume that readers will have a basic understanding of keyword phrase analysis and there are FAQ’s provided by Google, BING, Yahoo or Market Samurai that will get you up to speed quickly.

For other resources and samples of Semantic SEO report maps see http://twitter.com/speedsynch


Nick Trendov


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